Tapping into Abundance with Daily Affirmations

Daily ReminderThis week I’ve been focusing on my overall financial well being, reviewing my budget, and noticing that the Universe is taking care of my needs by sending clients who I really enjoy supporting. I’ve added a statement to my calendar that pops up once every day with a reminder message, “Yes! Money flows in easily!”

Notice that this is phrased as a present-tense affirmation that includes a celebratory “yes!” (imagine a fist pump too). That’s because I’ve come to realize that there’s a formula for tapping into the naturally-occurring abundance that is available to everyone. I learned this formula from Wallace Wattles, who said: “…the riches you receive will be in exact proportion to the Definiteness Of Your Vision, the Fixity of Your Purpose, the Steadiness of Your Faith, and the Depth of Your Gratitude.” (from The Science of Getting Richdownload free copy here)

Here’s how the formula seems to be working in tandem with my daily reminders this week:

Neuroscientists say that when we envision what we want, we create a sort of holographic image that our mind’s eye can see, as if the scene in the image is already happening. In this case, it’s not necessarily about seeing money in my hands, though certainly I could imagine that as part of the scene if I want to, but rather it’s more about when money is flowing in, here’s what my life looks like and feels like. So, my imagination is focused on how things are when I have the money – the end result – and the feeling is a celebratory “Yes!”

Focusing more on the feeling and end result rather than focusing too much on how the money will flow in is important because I am co-creating here – it’s not all up to me. Also, by imagining how things are when I have the money, I’m allowing something better than what my limited imagination can conceive. I’m allowing for the potential of even greater quality, quantity, and speed in the delivery as well. I concentrate on what it’s like when the money flows in and stop trying to completely control how it’s supposed to get here.

Another important component related to faith is using the present tense. I don’t want to imagine from the mindset of the past. For example, if I think, “I want this, but I’ve never had it” then I’m sabotaging myself. So instead it’s, “Maybe I haven’t had this, but here’s a picture of what it could look like.” It’s imagining from a mindset of possibility. All things are possible in the realm of imagination.

The co-creating force already knows what I want as soon as I think it, so I don’t have to form it as if it’s a prayer and ask for it over and over again. As Wattles says, “You do not need to pray repeatedly for things you want; it is not necessary to tell God about it every day.”

As far as I’m concerned, an affirmation like “money is flowing in” is merely brain training. Seeing the phrase for seven days in a row tells my RAS that it’s important to me. Whatever my RAS realizes is important, it shows me. This helps me to see what actions that I can take in co-creating what I want. When I think and act with the purpose to help make it happen… well, that’s my primary job in all this.

Gratitude is a shortcut to feeling good. Expressing gratitude for all that comes to me raises my mood, makes me feel good, and increases my resonant vibration, therefore making me attractive to others who would want to do business with me. For example, a restaurant that serves a good meal and sincerely thanks me for choosing to do business with them is more likely to turn me into a repeat customer than one that serves a good meal but makes no effort to appreciate my patronage. All things being equal, I will go to the appreciative restaurant again because they make me feel good.

Likewise, expressing gratitude increases my resonant connection to the Divine, my co-creating force. I want to be aware of and in resonance with the force that I co-create with, so I feel gratitude whenever I see a celebratory “Yes!” on my calendar every day.

So, every day I am reminded to have a definite Vision of what I want my life to be like when the money flows in; to have firm Purpose to attain it by doing what I can with what I have and where I am presently; to have steady Faith and belief about it; and to keep myself in tuned with highest potential energy by using the power of Gratitude.

Angela Loëb is into self-development… learning it, teaching it, and supporting others who do too. More at http://angelaloeb.com

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