Are you reaching your highest potential?

“Oh Man! There is no planet, sun or star could hold you, if you but knew what you are.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you reaching your highest potential? 
If not, what’s holding you back? 
If so, what’s your secret for pushing yourself to reach higher?

I’ve done both… held myself back and pushed myself to reach higher.  I seem to use the same mechanism in both cases, too.  I am one who counts my blessings.

I count my blessings when I’m holding myself back, saying things like, “Well, it could be worse.  I think I’ll count my blessings and stay put right here where it’s safe and sound.” (“safe and sound” – right!  What an illusion!) 

I count my blessings when I’m pushing myself, too.  Whether I’m succeeding or “failing” while pushing myself, I see the blessings coming forth from the effort.  And to me they are blessings because I don’t believe in luck.

IStock_000011678217Large Counting blessings is some sort of survival mechanism, I guess, because it’s what I do to make sense of this place.  Sometimes I feel like I’m an alien who was dropped off here at birth.  Sadly, I’m not from a planet with denser gravity.  Otherwise, I would fly like Superwoman.  And the whole Earth is like one big piece of Kryptonite – whatever superpowers I had when I got here have certainly been affected by the atmosphere here.

As implausible as it sounds, I sometimes doubt my humanness.  I mean, how could I possibly share DNA with the human race?  But I obviously do.  In those moments, I also realize that I not only carry the weirdness of this lifetime around with me, but I am heavily influenced by the memory of what went before.  There’s always a dark side to blessings on Planet Earth. 

Take money for example.  Several years ago, I did Suze Orman’s exercise on recalling my earliest memories of money.  Well, that was a pretty yucky assignment – my money memories are not very happy ones. 

My mom hiding cash in the lining of her purse for the lean days, which came all too often. 

That time I went with my dad to the supermarket, and he indiscriminately put brand name foods in the cart.  He was highly annoyed with me as I replaced whatever he chose with the cheaper store brands we were used to buying. 

The Christmas my mom couldn’t afford presents for us kids because my dad blew his paycheck at the pool hall, so she gave us gifts from her own possessions, crying the whole time.  Yes, I know, it sounds like a sappy movie from the Hallmark channel, but where do you think script writers get their ideas for those movie plots anyway? 

I even have food stamp memories.  Hiding, hoarding, scarcity, shame – such lovely recollections about money…

But that’s some of the stuff from my life.  Let’s dial it back a couple of hundred years and take a look at some heavy societal stuff going on with money at the time.  Stuff that influenced the human consciousness in a big way and makes me wonder… what the heck is up with getting your head chopped off for having money? 

We are taught by historians that during the Reign of Terror (1793 to 1794), mobs, gripped by envy and weary of living in a bankrupt economy, killed aristocrats and their kids.  We are told that getting rid of the "haves" seemed to be the main motivation of the "have-nots" at first.  Eventually, other reasons came to the fore because in actuality, only 8% of those killed were aristocrats.  The rest were whoever else Robespierre and the other sick, twisted crazies who seized power decided were enemies of the state.  They supposedly killed these enemies and their families in order to bring “freedom” to France. 

“The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer” is a refrain from my childhood memories.  Today when I recall that saying, I think, “What a load of crap!”  But, hey, 217 years ago, they were probably saying the same thing in the streets of Paris.  But I digress…

So, here I am.  Potentially hemmed in by my own personal experiences about money, as well as those of the human race at large.  (The aforementioned French economic backlash being only one episode in human history making its merry contribution.) 

How do I break out of that to realize my own potential? 

For me, aside from counting my blessings, it’s embracing the drive to discover what I am.  And so far, what I’ve discovered is that I’m not necessarily a human at my core after all.  At my core, I’m a spiritual being having a human journey and not the other way around. 

I join Emerson in knowing that beyond this temporary condition called "human life," we truly can't be held here on this plane.


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