How To Bring Who You Really Are To What You Do In Life

While working on my next book, which is about life purpose, I made some notes – some bits and pieces of ideas – and stashed them in a file. I came across the file again this morning.

Amidst my notes, there is a list that I’d Your Careerlike to share with you. For me, this list is a sort of “rules of the road” for the career journey. When I do and live what’s on this list, I am allowing my authentic self to come forth and blend my life’s purpose with my work. And, of course, it’s the same intention I bring when I support others’ career journeys, too.

How To Bring Who You Really Are To What You Do In Life

  • Your Personal Polaris (a statement of your life’s purpose) is constant and fixed. Use it to “gut-check” your moves and decisions so that your actions are always in alignment with your intentions and life path.
  • If you choose to make a move that is not in alignment, be wide awake about it. Be intentional in your decisions and determine a plan or strategy to move into alignment as fast as it makes sense for you to do so.
  • You are NOT necessarily what you do for a living – what I mean is that you are not the title, the role, the daily tasks. Should a brilliant surgeon who’s lost an arm stop being a healer? No. If a person is a healer, then he or she is a healer regardless of the job they pick in order to do the healing work.
  • Be and think like a whole person. If you cannot bring who you are fully into your professional life for whatever reason, don’t neglect opportunities to be authentically you in other areas of your life. Bring who you really are to everything you do… whether it be in your professional endeavors or personal adventures.
  • Arrange to have support, especially when you’re trying to make something big happen in your life. Give yourself permission to spend time and energy meeting with a trusted partner, group and/or coach to help you stay in integrity with your intention to bring who you are to what you do. Be sure to carve out time and space for personal retreats and weekly tweaks. Valuing yourself enough to invite support into your life is up to you to do… no one else will do it for you!

Be awake, be real, be well!

Angela Loëb helps people rediscover and use their gifts so they bring who they really are to what they do in life.

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