Conditions of Love

In human relationships, we all have conditions that we place on the relationships we have with others. By this, I mean that we all have a way in which we measure the love being shown to us by another.  The measurement we use tells us whether we feel it’s genuine and if it’s enough.

For example, I realize that a condition I use to measure whether I’m being loved is the answer to the question, “Do I feel like my vision plan is being honored and respected?”

It is fair to expect something in return for what you give because relationships are not meant be lopsided.  No one side of the relationship is more deserving than the other.

The plane that we live in is a dynamic place of complimentary opposites – positive/negative, male/female, light/dark – and does not allow complete and total unconditional love.

When we are born into this plane of complimentary opposites, the unconditional becomes conditional.  We are able to grasp being unconditional even as we are being conditional about love.  Just as we are able to grasp the concept of being one, while we are being more than one.

It’s like light, which is known to quantum physicists as particles and yet also as waves.

Until we leave this plane, we love conditionally… And yet, we can certainly lessen the hold that our conditions have on us as we become more aware of unconditionality.


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