Focus On Where You Want To Go… like a cat

While taking a break from everything I’m working on, I was looking in some old files and came across a passage from “Fall In Love With Your Future” by Ron and Mary Beshear. It has helped inspire me to stay focused on my deadlines. I thought you might like to read it and be inspired by it too.

What sets apart those who have an exciting future from those who are hardly getting by? Men and women who’ve fallen love with their future have discovered a profound principle. It’s simply to choose a good catplan and focus on it.

Ever watch a cat jump from a sitting position to a surface 15 times his height above him? He begins by looking around for a spot that interests him and then focusing on where he wants to go.

Race car drivers tell us the way they get through a tight line of cars and seldom hit anything is that they focus on where they want to go. They train themselves not to look at the wall or any obstacle they want to avoid, but to focus on the open space they want to fill.

What’s the open space you want to fill? If it’s legal, moral, and honorable, focus on it. Too often, we spend our energy on the things we’d like to avoid, rather than the things we want to accomplish. Shifting our focus from worry to action frees us to soar.

Look for an opportunity that fits your unique gifts, one that offers excellence and quality. Then focus on it and advance confidently in the direction of your goal.

By the way, the Beshears may have exaggerated a bit when they say a cat can jump 15 times his height above him. Actually, a cat can jump 5 times as high as it is tall and up to 7 times its tail length, which is still pretty impressive. A cat will use his tail and powerful back leg muscles to help with balance and jumping. And along with a flexible spine, strong muscles, flexible joints, cats have a trait known as “righting reflex.” 🙂


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