Giving yourself a reality check… is your job really too stinky?

I really love this post, Adjusting Your Attitude, by my acquaintance and fellow Launch Pad Job Club member, Jim Adcock.  In it he talks about working in his stepfather’s construction business as a teenager and how it shaped his attitude for his career later.

“…once in a while, the job was to remove a leaking system and replace it with a new one. Now that was a stinky job. So much so, in fact, that my attitude has been this ever since: once you have been ankle deep in someone else’s feces, no job is too stinky to deal with.”

Later he adds:  “So take a moment to assess your own attitude.  Where are you seeing negatives when you could be seeing positives?  Is your job (or potential job) really stinkier than what I did, or could you see yourself as lucky not to be standing in a septic tank?”

Talk about giving yourself a reality check!

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