Go ahead, open that package – you’re waiting inside!

The key to your success, abundance and happiness is connected with your gifts.  Are you using ’em?

What?  You’re not sure you have any special gifts?  Okay, so maybe you’re not a DaVinci or a Louis Pasteur, but that’s the point, you have unique gifts all your own – they’re special and unique to you.  You were born with them, and they go by many names:
– Value Proposition
– Essence of Life
– Basic Nature
– Essential Character
– Special Treasure
– Unique Talent
– Divine Spark
– Purpose in Life
– Vital Energy
– Core Value
– Mission
– Genius
– Universal Assignment

Maybe you agree that you do have gifts, but you’re struggling with how to figure out what they are.  Here are a few of my favorite techniques to access your gifts.

Gifts are at the core of your passions.
Richard Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute?, says that doing what you enjoy, what you’re passionate about, makes you lose track of time. That’s a great way to look at it.  Another question that I like to ask:  What are the activities and tasks that you do and still feel energized at the end of the day vs those that drain your energy?

Gifts show up in your childhood.
What are the talents that have always come naturally to you, even when you were young?  Maybe we’re not as naturally gifted as Mozart, who understood music at age 3 and was composing at age 5 – but you have something that stood out about you.  Were you always taking apart appliances and putting them back together again?  Were you the one who everyone came to when they need a friend to talk to? If you can’t think of anything, reflect on what kinds of things strongly captured your imagination.  What were your dreams when you were a kid?  Did you want to be an astronaut, a ballerina, an archaeologist, etc.?  The qualities which attracted you about those roles reveal clues about your gifts.

Gifts are hidden in the dark side.
There are clues hidden in the dark side, too.  Being all about positive attitude and optimistic outlooks, the dark side isn’t a place where I usually suggest we go.  However, I’m not asking you to go there to stay there.  I just want you to think about it for a moment because it’s important to look at this from all the angles.  The truth is that our greatest strengths can also be our greatest weaknesses.  What are the negative labels that you’ve been called – such as bossy, compulsive, daydreamer, etc.?  Your gifts show up in your life no matter what you’re doing because they are who you are.  Consider how your gifts might have been misunderstood, misapplied or would be considered weaknesses when used at the “wrong” place or time.

Everyone is gifted – but some people never open their package. -Anonymous

Go ahead, open that package – you’re waiting inside!

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