Gratitude for Friends

Gratitude for Friends

Here’s what I want to say today – yet Emerson said it first: “I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old & the new.” 

Thank you, Emerson.

That’s exactly what I wanted to say when I saw the 7:30am text from a dear friend: “Sending you love & support.” She knows that I’m making a huge personal transition this week.

That’s exactly what I wanted to say when reflecting on the generosity of friends who are supporting me with their time, energy, and emotional support. I am also grateful for those in my family who are acting as friends.

In my opinion, change is stressful even when you’re welcoming or initiating the change, and it’s especially hard when the change isn’t something you expected or wanted. I know since most of my work for the past two decades has involved supporting people through job transitions. Some of my clients want and consciously choose to make the change, while many others are forced into the change due to economic conditions.

Friends make change easier. So, yes this morning I most certainly awoke with devout thanksgiving for my friends.

C’mon change – let’s do this! I know I can handle you because I have old and new friends all around me!



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