High Five, Mr. Boldt… Vision and Vocation

Isn't it great when you come across validation that you're on the right track?  I mean, you know that you're getting it right because it's just simply working.  But isn't it really fun when you get that one more thing that tells you so?

I've been doing some presentations (and blogging) recently around the concepts of vision and vocation.  Then today, I came across a superb passage in Laurence Boldt's book, How To Find The Work You Love.  This is a book I recently purchased though it was originally published in 1996.

He writes:
Your life's work is the work you were born to do – the most appropriate vehicle through which to express your unique talents and abilities.  More than a job or career, it is your special gift to humanity.  Traditionally, life's work was called vocation, a word which literally means "calling".  The work you love – your calling, or life's work – is your unique and living answer to the question, What am I here to do on this earth?

High five, Mr. Boldt!

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