Job Search Boot Camp on Saturday, August 15, in Austin Texas

If you know anyone who is looking for a job, please send them to the "new" website my partners & I recently launched:

The website has information about our live half-day seminar coming up this Saturday in Austin, 8/15.  However, folks outside of Austin can find advice and encouragement too (at least until we can start doing webinars).  I offer a free eBook on the site under the free resources tab. There's also a link to our internet talk radio show through a tab called Boot Camp Show. Job Search Boot Camp

Every Saturday (except this one, of course) we do a live call-in radio show in which we give tips, information and encouragement. The programs are archived as recordings and are downloadable through our host, Blog Talk Radio, and are now also available as free podcasts on iTunes.  Just gotta love technology!

Okay, so about this Saturday's program.  It’s a one-of-a-kind, half-day interactive seminar that won’t be offered again until 2010. Attendees will get advanced job search tactics from three different career experts (including me!) and a 45-page workbook full of great information.  I’m also personally adding in a Special Bonus Gift to our attendees this time:  The Ultimate Job Search Strategy Guide (those who come on Saturday will be the first to receive this new eBook when it’s released).

People really seem to resonate with this seminar we've created.  The press showed up during the first time we gave it in February.  During the break, they interviewed one of our attendees, a computer industry senior manager, who said, "The first 15 minutes of this presentation met my objectives for the whole seminar."  We held the last event in May, and an architect/artist who attended later told me, "It’s the best $129 I’ve spent lately – the program was great.”

When people gain knowledge, they gain confidence.  When their confidence shifts, amazing things happen!  Our goal is to help people go from being job seekers to being job FINDERS!  What we share with them now will help empower them throughout their whole career.

Please help spread the word. Let's get some people shifting – let's get some people empowered!

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