Job Search Boot Camp

On Saturday morning, February 28th, I'll be delivering a unique seminar with my partners, Jay Markunas and Michael Kranes.  Sure, we'll touch on the basics of job search, but that isn't what makes this seminar unique.  What's different about this one is that we are making certain advanced pieces of the job search accessible to everyone.  It'll be a sort of graduate course, if you will, on job search.  But everyone will be able to understand and apply it to themselves.

What's more, we found a way to brings a cohesiveness that might not otherwise be there when you have three different experts giving out information.  During one of our brainstorming sessions, we hit on a wonderfully realistic way to help our audience… with a case study on how a real person will apply our advice and expertise.  And we do this across all the parts of the job search.  Michael will show how to make our subject's resume more brilliant.  I will show how she will conduct a sophisticated and strategic job search plan.  Jay will demonstrate the answers she'll use to answer tough questions about her particular situation (which is as a career changer) and negotiate her salary.        

We decided early on that we want this experience to be highly impactful for attendees.  We want a shift to happen right there on the spot – a shift in which the light bulb goes on and they see doors flying open on their path.

And why not have this sort of expectation?  After all, this seminar was a gift given to Jay's brain in a moment of divinely-inspired brilliance.  I asked him why he wanted to call it a boot camp.  He said that he thinks people need something intense and immediate – they are languishing enough in this economy and need help now.  A boot camp is where you get trained quickly and effectively so that you can perform your tasks right away.  Made sense to me so I said, "Yes, let the ride begin!"

After I signed on, Jay urged me to come see Michael speak at a career networking meeting that he facilitates at his church.  At the time he hadn't met Michael and had no idea if Michael was meant to be the third spoke in this wheel.  "If he can't speak very well, I'll give you a thumbs down, and we'll look for someone else," Jay told me in his well grounded, tell-it-like-it-is kinda way.  Well, of course, Michael not only speaks well, but he delivered a down-to-earth presentationabout resumes with high-quality information that evening.  Best of all, I found myself silently saying plenty amens because, in my opinion, he gets it.  No wonder he has won awards for his work! 

What a great project this has been!  And what a blessing my partners are!  We've been out and about giving some mini-version presentations of the material around town – it's being received well, and I believe we're doing a lot of good for people.  Really looking forward to the big event on February 28th.


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