Letting Go

Last night Tom Cassidy and I tried to record some upcoming lessons for the course on Udemy that we’ve been rolling out one week at a time.  And we simply couldn’t do it.  Either my audio equipment worked intermittently or our Skype connection kept failing.  Maybe Mercury was in retrograde or something.

Anyway, Tom and I finally threw in the towel (virtually, of course) and rescheduled our session for later this week.

What I like about working with Tom is that he can laugh about such stuff with me.  He can gracefully let it go, too.  Tom’s mantra, which I’ve also adopted, is “Choose Easy.”

But, let’s be honest… it hasn’t always been so easy for me to let go of stuff.

Though it’s hard for me to imagine now, the truth is that most of my life I was a control freak.

Even though my true nature is not to be a control freak, there was a time when I needed to know every little thing about every little thing in order to feel comfortable moving forward.  Even though I could see the logic of releasing the stress of “needing to know,” I couldn’t.

Finally, in my early 40’s I gave up the overwhelming need to know every detail about every little thing.  Instead of operating purely from a place of having faith intellectually, I actually began to know and have faith – I learned how to let go.

It wasn’t easy, but just like with everything in life, if you start to practice, bit by bit you get better and better at it.  You practice mind mastery, and you get better at mastering your thoughts.  You practice faith, and you getter better at seeing the proof.  You practice gratitude, and you get better at noticing what’s going well rather than what’s going wrong.  You practice letting go rather than trying to force things, you get better at choosing easy.

I learned that sometimes you just have to let go of stuff in order to get what you want in the long run.  And, in the doing of that, you often find that what you’ve really let go of is the stress caused by desperately hanging on.

Tom and I really wanted to complete our task last night, but after the hour we spent trying to make it work, it was actually a big relief to let it go.

What about you?  What have you learned to let go of?


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