Louis C.K.: “We don’t want to be alone for a second.”

Louis C.K.Louis C.K. doesn’t want to get a cell phone for his kids.

Not only does he think cell phones are toxic for kids because he has observed how much easier it is for kids to bully each other by text (rather than face-to-face), he thinks cell phones distract people from experiencing full sadness or full happiness.

Louis C.K. raises a reasonable question… Can you be not be alone because being alone makes you sad?

He thinks that most of us would feel sad about our aloneness if we ever gave ourselves a chance to experience it. He calls it that “forever empty underneath everything.” And he describe his own experience with what it feels like when things clear away and when sadness comes on you when you’re alone.

His complaint is that cell phones distract us from going within and possibly experiencing the sadness. “We don’t want to be alone for a second,” he says.

He goes on to describe how after the sadness comes profound happiness… and why.

Though, he delivers all this with hilarity, Louis C.K. does have a point about the distractions we use in our lives to keep us from contemplating the deeper meaning in our lives.

Love that this video clip from his appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show explores a profound concept in such a lighthearted way. Louis C.K. does a great job of making it accessible.


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