Making A Bucket List Stretches Your Imagination

There are many different ways to achieve big-picture, long-term goals, as well as smaller, short-term goals, but one of my favorite techniques is the “bucket list”… also known as “my life list.”

In the movie, The Bucket List, characters played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman head off on a road trip living out a wish list of what they want to do before they die. They do things like skydiving, go on an African safari and climb the pyramids at Giza. (By the way, I highly recommend this movie. It’s hilarious and, ultimately, very touching.)

ParaglidingI started a bucket list in 2010 – yes, I know, it took me long enough to get around to doing one! When my only child moved away to college in the fall of 2011, it got me to wondering. I had already written a list of where I’d like to visit if I could go anywhere in the world, but what else would I like to DO. I added activities like paragliding, riding the Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad and writing/publishing at least one best-selling book.

Speaking of best-selling books, Canfield and Hansen, the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul, share how John Goddard wrote 127 life goals when he was 15, which he called “My Life List.” His list includes things like climbing famous mountains, circumnavigating the globe (4 times), running a mile in 5 minutes, and reading the complete works of Shakespeare. By his mid-60’s, Goddard had achieved 108 of his goals. Now, that is very cool!

The act of making & checking off lists is very empowering. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and helps keep your momentum strong. Making lists is the main technique many of us use to get things done on a day-to-day basis. But, making a bucket list really stretches your imagination. It gives you an even larger sense of accomplishment and confidence when you check off those items.

Do you have a bucket list? And, if so, what’s on yours?


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