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I recently began doing a weekly talk radio show on Blog Talk Radio called the Job Search Boot Camp Show with my partners, Jay Markunas & Michael Kranes.  On last week’s program, Jay cited a statistic:  According to a 2008/2009 Employee Satisfaction and Retention Survey, 35% of employees are unsatisfied in their jobs and approximately 65% of employees admitted to passively or actively looking for a new job.Blog Talk Radio Job Search Boot Camp Show

Don’t you think that many people are unsatisfied because they haven’t figured out a way to incorporate what they love doing into their lives?  That’s my theory.  What would happen if people looked at their jobs as a way to make money while remembering that they can still pursue their dreams in other ways?  Wonder how that would affect the survey stats?

I think that it’s great if you can make a living doing what you love, but if you choose not to, then realize that fact with eyes wide open and find other ways to incorporate doing what you love into your life.  Lest you think this is merely wishful thinking, let me assure you that it truly can be done.  Below are examples of people I personally know who have found ways to do what they enjoy in spite of having very different ways to make a living.

  • Relates well to young people and is a terrific mentor.  Works as a realtor, but during basketball season, coaches the JV boys’ team at a small parochial high school.
  • Loves helping people move toward the career of their dreams.  Regular job entails information systems at a Fortune 500 company, but leads and facilitates the career networking group at church.
  • Loves to play the piano and studied to be a playwright.  Main income is derived from writing resumes, but plays piano for pleasure and earlier this year wrote, produced and starred in a small stage production.
  • Enjoys dancing and teaching.  Repairs washers, dryers and other appliances by trade, but teaches ballroom dancing at a studio on the side.
  • Is a master woodworker; also loves photography.  Has been in the high tech engineering field for many years, but teaches a class at a local woodworking store and is starting up a side business as a freelance photographer.

When thinking about these people, I want to ask if there is a magic ingredient that makes them different than the rest of us – do they have some kind of special trait in common?  The answer is that, actually, these folks really don’t seem to have that much in common with each other… except for this:  they all have a strong enough drive to get out there and do what they are passionate about, and they all have a can-do versus a can’t-do attitude.

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