SOS Leadership Blog Featured My “Leadership Journey”

Today, Amber Fogarty of SOS Leadership featured my “leadership journey” (as she termed it in our email exchanges) on the SOS Leadership Blog.

Writing the article was fun, and it was a journey alright… it was a trip down memory lane.  Amber asked me to address the question, “When was the first time you identified yourself as a leader?”  It made me think of this image (over to the right) from circa 1977.  It’s me with two of my three siblings  – I was 11 years old, almost 12.  In typical fashion, I was carrying my little sister around on my hip.  My other younger sister wasn’t in the picture, probably because she was off somewhere getting into mischief while the photo was being snapped!

By the way, here’s my answer to Amber’s question:

On reflection, I would say that the first time I saw myself a leader – even though I didn’t realize that’s what I was at the time – was when I agreed to abide by my mother’s directive to set a good example because, as the oldest of four children, my siblings looked up to me.  But I consciously took on my first actual leadership role starting at about age 11.  That was when I was frequently put “in charge” after school and, later, during the summers while my parents were at work.  Additionally, my mother would depend on me to help cook for the family when she worked overtime, which happened pretty regularly since she was a business owner/operator.

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