Poem: The Mid-Life Crisis…

The Mid-Life Crisis:  The Spiritual Version (is there any other kind?)

I move along the path of my life and wonder what I am supposed to do here.
What is the purpose that is in me?  What is the purpose that is me?
It is that which has been with me since I was a little child
… before the world’s troubles became known to me
… before I thought there was no way and no how and what if this and what if that happens to stop me or to thwart me
… or what if…
Actually… what if it actually happened?
What if I dared to be different than the masses – than those around me who have disapproving looks and make whispering comments behind wishful hands?
The judgment.  Oh, the judgment.
Can I stand that?
I was in fear, so I shut down the conduit of knowing what my purpose is.
I shut down the free-flowing knowledge of my purpose and what I dreamed of doing when I incarnated.
As a child I had the clues in me.
The fun – the passion to play without inhibitions and without anything whatsoever holding me back.
Where am I now?
I am faced with a wondering what next, the life ahead being possibly so different than the life behind.
What is the challenge in seeing what was always there but is only now hidden?
Is it more fear that still keeps it hidden?
Raise the blinds that cover it from my view.
Let’s peer in and see and know and recognize the truth of me.
Let’s remember.

–Angela Loëb; August 3, 2009

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