Poem: Writing About Life Purpose

Writing About Life Purpose

It’s quiet in my favorite coffee shop.

But I hardly notice.
I’m writing about life purpose today.

It’s just me… and my own thoughts…
… until four women arrive.

They have varying shades of whitened hair.
I can’t help but catch snippets of their reminiscing in between my own thoughts.

One shares a story from her youth…
… she OD’d on drugs because she didn’t know how to mix uppers and downers.
“You’re lucky you’re alive!” declares one of her friends.
Murmurs of agreement all around.

They leave eventually.
But I hardly notice.

It’s just me… and my own thoughts…
… until two young men arrive.

I can tell they’re students…
… and they’re brilliant…
… discussing their video projects with enthusiasm and technical acuity.

But I hardly notice.
Deep in my own thoughts, I’m still writing about life purpose.

Then I hear one say, “God has led me to take an acting part in this great play.”
And he tells his friend that he feels the pull…
… that this is part of his life’s purpose…
… which leads to an intellectual discussion about the Godlessness of major movies…
… and how he hopes to change that one day.

They leave eventually.
And now it’s just me again.
And I carry on with my writing about life purpose.

–Angela Loëb; © 2012



Angela Loëb helps people rediscover and use their gifts so they bring who they are to what they do in life. http://about.me/angelarloeb __________________________________________________________

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