Poem: X-ray



I am diaphanous.
You can see right into me.

My hips are a cupping, curving tunnel,
curiously open.

Vertebrae, with minute interlocking pieces to make the whole
and gathering together into an elegant column
bending and straight,
rise up from a point in the tunnel to the top of the film—unfinished.

Soft tissues are wispy lines
hugging the edges of my ribs,
barely there at all.

Hardly visible is my outside form,
my rounded breast,
and the muscle of my hip.

Why, anyone can see I am a woman
by my brightly lighted ovaries
and fallopian tubes.

In light and shadow,
this is me,
and I am diaphanous with peculiar clarity.

©Angela Loëb; March 19, 2003


Angela Loëb helps people bring who they really are to what they do in life.
And she’s likes to write poetry too.
More at http://about.me/angelarloeb

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