Saluting Women over 50 – There Is No Age Limit On Accomplishment

Yesterday, I participated in the Texas Women In Business (TWIB) conference in Austin, TX.  This all-day event was focused on supporting women 50 and over who are going through career transition.  Whether it was entrepreneurship, going back to school, starting a creative career or finding a job, there were educational tracks for everyone.

I happily volunteered my time to give presentations to those seeking job search advice and then moderated a wonderful HR Experts panel made up of Scott Buchholtz of Citizens Insurance, Diontha Fancher of St. Jude Medical, Pam Fisher of The Boone Group and Allison Jenkins of Senior Work Solutions.

World in her hands The keynote speaker at lunch was Anita Perry, first lady of Texas.  I just loved her presentation because she pointed out the successful careers of powerful women over the age of 50.

Ms. Perry specifically drew attention to Helen Mirren, who at age 63 sported a red bikini during her vacation on an Italian beach in 2008.  Probably photographed by some paparazzi following her, she looked absolutely fabulous in those candid shots.

Another famous actress who Ms. Perry brought to our attention is the funny and adorable Betty White.  Wow, can you believe it?  Betty White is 89!  I watched her on the Mary Tyler Moore show in the 1970’s and just looked it up… she was in her 50’s when she did that show.  She has been honored with industry awards many times in her career, including the 2011 Screen Actors Guild and Gracie Allen Awards for the sitcom, Hot in Cleveland.

Finally, Ms. Perry, mentioned one of her “favorite heroines” who is also one of mine, Margaret Thatcher.  Margaret Thatcher became the UK’s first female prime minister at age 54.  Ms. Perry repeated one my favorite Thatcher quotes ever:  “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

By the way, Ms. Perry is an accomplished woman of over 50 herself.  I never knew this, but Anita Perry worked as a nurse for 17 years.  She created the annual Texas Conference for Women in 2000, and, even though she holds degrees from West Texas A&M (formerly West Texas State) and UT San Antonio, Texas Tech University renamed its nursing school in her honor in 2008.

Thanks, Ms. Perry, for reminding us of these wonderful role models who show us that there’s no age limit on accomplishment.


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