Season of Gratitude

Other than the fact that the Thanksgiving holiday has provided me with a bit more time than usual to relax and play, as well as be creative (writing, cooking and successfully making pecan pralines for the first time ever!), this week has felt much like other days and weeks in my life.  I guess that’s because just about everyday is a day of thanksgiving for me now.

I see lots of people practicing gratitude right now, and that is really inspiring.  Energetically, it feels awesome.

Wouldn’t it be great if that feeling would continue?  That we wouldn’t have a crashing down of that energy as soon as we leave the season of gratitude?

You see, I agree with Wallace D. Wattles when he said, “Gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come.”  Practicing gratitude is a great mind mastery technique.  When I’m grateful, I keep thoughts of dissatisfaction at bay.  I choose gratitude because thoughts of dissatisfaction never got me anywhere.

It hasn’t always been easy to choose gratitude.  So, a few years ago I adopted a morning ritual.  Just before I drink my coffee I take a few seconds to bless the whole day, setting a general positive intention and expressing gratitude for what is about to unfold during that day.  It’s sort of like how some people say a blessing before each meal.  It only takes a few seconds, but I am fully present for those few seconds and allow myself to really feel grateful.  I’ve noticed that this simple ritual of making a morning mental adjustment while making my morning coffee helps me stay focused so I can ward off the crap that wants to come flying in to thwart me.

So, as I try to live in a near-constant state of gratitude, I find that this week is not all that different than other weeks in my life.  And, you know something?  For that I am truly grateful, too!


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