There Is Something In Your DNA You Should Know About

There’s something in your DNA you should know about.  It’s your core gift… the main tool you use to carry out your life’s purpose.

This core gift is with you when you’re born.  It is then ripened and will grow as time goes on.

When you were a child, you will have seen the signs.  Others will have see the signs and they will either nurture or they will not nurture the gift.  In my case, my gift of crafting thoughts into words was nurtured.  My mother says that I had a love of reading and words from very young age, and she encouraged it.  She said that I would pretend to read even when I couldn’t yet.  And, indeed, I learned to read at an earlier age than is usual in our educational system.

When I think of school… I remember first grade, when I was about six years old (I started kindergarten at five years old).  I remember the reading primer that we were given as our text book.  It’s the only book I remember out of the school books or the subjects we were taught that year.  I remember that the book was used and well worn with colorful pictures and easy stories similar to those of Dick, Jane and Spot.  The corner edges of the pages and hard cover were frayed as though a child or a dog had gnawed on them.  I remember feeling sad about that… like the book shouldn’t have been damaged.  Yet I loved it anyway.  It held such a treasure… words.

That is my earliest memory of this gift awakening in me.

Later came the writing part, which is when I dared to practice the concept of transferring words from the mind to paper.  To this day, even when I’m not doing work-related writing such as course development, articles and resumes, I write poems for pleasure.  And some of my best problem-solving sessions are when I’m scribbling my thoughts down on paper, turning issues into solutions.

Now it’s your turn… what’s your core gift, and what’s your earliest memory of it showing up in your life?


Angela Loëb helps people rediscover and use their gifts so they bring who they are to what they do in life.

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