Special Virtual Event on December 20, 2011

In essence, there are only 2 ways to be more effective:
1.  Increase your willpower and just do it anyway.
2.  Use a System that gets it done with minimum willpower.

Tom CassidyOn December 20, 2011, I’m going to do a live teleseminar with Tom Cassidy about a simple system that gets it done with minimum willpower, is based on actual science and was proven over 240 years ago by Benjamin Franklin.  How cool is that?!

Tom calls this easy-to-use, everyday mind mastery system the 13×4 and says, “It’s not rocket science, but it IS science!”

He has adapted the principles of Quantum Mechanics, Behavioral Science and the teachings of the wisest minds into a system of practical, everyday tools that work.  And he’s been using it successfully to help a wide variety of individuals and groups ranging from job seekers to business executives.  He’s even used it with 5th graders!  That’s how simple and useful it is.

I’m especially excited about some recent news he’s received.  Apparently, he’s been teaching his system to teachers in the UK, and it’s been short listed into the best Leadership & Management Solution category for the National Education Awards Ceremony on January 11!

I hope you can join us, but, if not, feel free to sign up anyway so you can receive the link to the recording.  Go to: www.mindopeningdialogues.com

Oh, and by the way, it’s free & open to anyone to attend. 🙂


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