Stretch Your Vision

We used to call them “stretch goals” when I worked for a large corporation.  We’d set goals that pushed the envelope a little bit further, goals that would to be seem be just out of our reach.  Interestingly, it was a rare when our team did not reach those goals – somehow, we’d find a way.


Stretch Your Vision Famous chef, Emeril Lagasse, once reached what has been the pinnacle goal of many culinary professionals when he became the executive chef at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.  While working at this prestigious restaurant, he read David Schwartz’ book, The Magic of Thinking Big, and realized that he was capable of more.  He went on to become a celebrity chef on FoodTV, author of numerous cookbooks and opened several restaurants of his own around the country.  He has even started a foundation which supports non profits.

“Stretch your vision. See what can be, not just what is. Practice adding value to things, to people and to yourself.”
-David Schwartz



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