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OMTimes 30-Day Conscious Career Challenge

Take the 30-day challenge in June 2013! Sponsored by OMTimes and GaiamTV.com I’m honored to be an expert for the upcoming OMTimes Conscious Living Challenge in June! My expertise is in “conscious career.” To...

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Creative Visualization

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about visualizing what you want in order to manifest it in your life. The concept has been around for ages. I’m fond of referring to Stephen Covey’s book...


Inspirational: 16-year-old singer

I just love seeing people shine in spite of challenges. This 16-year-old singer is blind, and yet she lets her gift… her wonderful singing voice… shine for the whole world to hear. I’m inspired. I know you will be too.


The Right Place At The Right Time

What does the phrase “being in the right place at the right time” mean to you? Maybe you think of it as luck or synchronicity. Things randomly, yet fortuitously, converged at this point in...


Each Chaotic Twist And Turn Is Golden

Anytime you go through something challenging in life – anytime you experience sorrow, tragedy and disappointment – it is an opportunity to raise your consciousness up a notch. You have a choice during these tough times....


How To Get A Calf Into The Barn

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous nineteenth-century poet and essayist, was out one day trying to get a calf into the barn. “But he made the common mistake of thinking only of what he wanted:...