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Let’s Make Goal Setting More Fun

To get what you desire in life, you must do goal setting. Goal setting is just a grown-up way to describe what it is that your imagination wants to create and manifest into reality....


The Power of Listening

The Power Of Listening is a module I developed as part of the Paths To Organizational Influence class that I teach through the Professional Development Center at University of Texas at Austin.  I’ve rolled...


“Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson narrates the famous passage, “Our Deepest Fear,” from her book Return to Love in this video (4:41 minutes). ahhhh, beautiful! ___________________________________________________ Angela Loëb helps people rediscover and use their gifts so they can bring...


Workshop – “Start Chasing Your Future”

I’m excited to announce that the process that I launched last year is now a one-day workshop!  The date and location has been set for Saturday, April 30 at the Solutions Training Group facility...

Your Needs Compass – Setting Goals for your Life Journey 0

Your Needs Compass – Setting Goals for your Life Journey

We have 4 areas of needs to satisfy so we can find fulfillment and happiness. Imagine these as compass points that guide you in setting balanced life goals.