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Creative Visualization

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about visualizing what you want in order to manifest it in your life. The concept has been around for ages. I’m fond of referring to Stephen Covey’s book...


Inspirational: 16-year-old singer

I just love seeing people shine in spite of challenges. This 16-year-old singer is blind, and yet she lets her gift… her wonderful singing voice… shine for the whole world to hear. I’m inspired. I know you will be too.


Each Chaotic Twist And Turn Is Golden

Anytime you go through something challenging in life – anytime you experience sorrow, tragedy and disappointment – it is an opportunity to raise your consciousness up a notch. You have a choice during these tough times....


How To Get A Calf Into The Barn

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous nineteenth-century poet and essayist, was out one day trying to get a calf into the barn. “But he made the common mistake of thinking only of what he wanted:...


Time Is On My Side

Thirty-three years ago I didn’t know a fraction of what I know now. What will I come to know in the next thirty-three?