Taking Action Is Not Always Easy To Do…

…or maybe it’s easier than we think.

In 2006, I received the following little gem of wisdom from a professional acquaintance who had emailed it to me.  I know it was from 2006 because back then I blogged about it in a short article on how I was learning to shift worry by taking action.

Race car drivers tell us the way they get through a tight line of cars and seldom hit anything is that they focus on where they want to go. They train themselves not to look at the wall or any obstacle they want to avoid, but to focus on the open space they want to fill.

What’s the open space you want to fill? If it’s legal, moral, and honorable, focus on it. Too often, we spend our energy on the things we’d like to avoid, rather than the things we want to accomplish. Shifting our focus from worry to action frees us to soar.
—from Fall In Love With Your Future, by Ron and Mary Beshear

Taking action is not always easy to do. More than a decade later, I’m still learning how to master this concept.

My accountability partner knows this. She’s been my accountability partner since 2008. After our weekly check-in meeting, during which I related a small personal struggle with taking action on a big project, she sent me something terrific that I need to pass along (thanks, Myrna).

Here’s the link for “The 5-Second Rule to Change Your Life with Mel Robbins,” an interview by Lewis Howes posted on his popular You Tube Channel: http://youtu.be/supVPLOHWPg. Or you can watch it below.


It’s an hour long video, so be ready to invest the time to watch. Though, if you’re into self development and like being inspired, you’ll want to see this.

Mel Robbins talks about how she suffered from anxiety for 20 years, having to take prescription drugs to help her cope. She hit a very low point in her life – near bankruptcy, marital problems, unemployment, etc.

The 5-second rule that she stumbled on accidentally saved her from the path of self destruction. And apparently, it has saved others from even worse fates. To date, she has heard of 11 cases where the 5-second rule helped prevent suicide. She now understands the science behind why it works and has written a book about it (The 5-Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage).

An excellent interview. A powerful story. An easy-to-use mind-shifting tool. Check it out.

5-4-3-2-1… Begin.

Angela Loeb is into self-development & personal empowerment, being awed by nature, writing, and being inspired by superhero stories.

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