The Recession Gives Us The Opportunity To Reclaim Our Personal Power

Ever since it started, I have realized that this recession offered a mixed blessing.  The adversity could potentially open our eyes and could give us the opportunity to reclaim the power many of us had given over to others.  Now a recent survey reveals that 90% of employees recognize they’re responsible for managing their own financial futures compared to 8% who say it’s their employers’ responsibility and 2% who say it’s up to the government.

Reclaiming Personal PowerDuring this past year and a 1/2, many people have confessed to me that they had become “comfortable” where they were in their jobs… they weren’t thinking of what would happen if their companies weren’t taking care of their futures for them.  Then, when they got laid off, their world was rocked.  No longer feeling that illusion of security and stability, they had to re-examine their lives from all angles.  Many have told me that they are committed to taking better responsibility for how they manage their careers (and their lives) from now on.

Ruth Mantell of MarketWatch interviewed Max Caldwell from Towers Watson, the consulting firm who conducted the survey:

…the recession has accelerated changes in how employers treat workers, ending the old notion of paternalism in which companies take care of their employees…  “Individuals by and large have primary responsibility for virtually every aspect of their employment experience,” Caldwell said.  “What these data really show us is that when it comes to people taking ownership of their career, their performance, their health and well-being, most organizations have seen this profound shift of responsibility of cost and risk to the individual.” 

For job seekers, “constant change” should be expected, Caldwell added. “You have really got to take responsibility for yourself, your future, your career,” he said. “Don’t expect that there will be stability, expect constant change, be agile to deal with that change. Make sure that as an individual you are building skills that make you more employable.”
(Source:  MarketWatch)

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