The Science of Getting Unstuck and Getting What You Want

In case you didn’t know already, I’ve been volunteering my time and energy to co-host a live internet radio show since the summer of 2009 with Jay Markunas.  Each program that Jay and I do centers on a topic dealing with career transition, such as changing career direction, developing the resume, leveraging social media for job search, working with recruiters, etc.  We interview career experts, and sometimes we have folks on who tell us their helpful and inspiring stories about their own career transition.

ScienceOur guest for March 5th, Tom Cassidy, will be a first for us for two reasons.  One reason is because he’s the first guest who will be joining us for a live on-air conversation from another country.  You see, Tom lives in Great Britain.  We think that’s pretty cool.  We also think it’s cool that he’s a physicist who likes to help people get the job of their dreams.  That’s right, Tom’s a physicist AND a career expert.  He’s a published author, too, having co-authored 2 books with Thomas Byrne – How to Win at Russian Roulette: And Other Fiendish Logic Problems and The Electric Toilet Virgin Death Lottery: And Other Outrageous Logic Problems.

Tom is joining us on the show to discuss one of our favorite topics… finding the work you love.  Previously, we’d done some shows on the “Art of Finding the Work You Love” which were very popular. We can tell by the numerous times they’ve been downloaded by visitors to our webpage (our programs are all saved as archived recordings at

This time, however, we get to tap a scientist’s brain and approach this subject from a new angle… we’re going to discuss the “Science of Finding the Work You Love.”  Tom is well-versed in the science behind what he calls the Law of Creation.  He has read and interpreted Wallace Wattles’ 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich.  I love how Tom affirms Wattles’ work (and book title) by saying, “It’s a science because there are proven steps that work, or you can’t call it a science.”

I doubt we’ll get to drill down too deeply into this during our half-hour show, but Tom is good at explaining the quantum mechanics behind using thoughts and inspired action to get unstuck and get what you want.  And he really nails it on the head when he states simply, “If you think about nothing, you’ll get nothing.”  So true… if you have no specific goals, how can you get specific results?

Tom’s company,, offers career transition tools that people can deliberately apply on a consistent basis and programs that are tailored around the areas that need most development.  They cite some pretty astonishing results, too:  “Everyone who has applied our system to the management of their career has been successful so far.”

This promises to be a fascinating conversation, and we hope you’ll listen in!

If you want to join the show live, turn on your speakers and go to at 10:00am CT on Saturday, March 5th.  Don’t worry if you can’t make it or find this announcement after the fact.  About 20 minutes after the show ends, the free recording will be available at the site and on iTunes.


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