Think of the Wright Brothers and look for the “lift”


My sister wrote something to me that I would like to share. In re-reading it, I realized that I need to put it out there. It’s a beautiful metaphor which can inspire any of us who are striving to realize a dream or vision. It’s a "don’t give up" message, and she puts it so eloquently, I don’t think I could say it better… though I know I will keep on trying! (That’s the mission, anyway!)

She wrote: "…You are doing it. This business [InSync Resources] will succeed for it is the direction that your soul contract needs to take. I would like to share this thought with you. I have been praying and visualizing your success. I realize that you are at ground level in this journey, and I thought of a wonderful analogy to where you are spiritually in the fulfillment of the contract. Think of the Wright Brothers. They were destined to build the plane that would become the precursor to human technological flight. However, they were grounded for some time before they were able to realize the technological model that would work. The key, I believe, in their success was that they had many disappointments which allowed for many designs and creative solutions.  Each time they would test the contraption, the design had some lift, so they would set ablaze the energy needed to enable them to continue the pursuit of the perfect design. I realize that at the time people thought them to be mad, but they worked from that internal contract and stayed focused, just as you are doing now…  When things get tough while you are in the process, think of the Wright Brothers, look for the "lift" and you will get there… I believe in you and the cause of your ultimate purpose."

She wished me a blessed and God-centered productive day, and I want to wish you one as well. Rock on!

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