Turning On The Current Of Currency

Time to move along to one of the most amazing focus area weeks of all.  Yes, it was cool what happened when I focused on Collaborate during the previous week (more in Sometimes Two Heads Are Better Than One) and on the focus areas of all the previous weeks, too.  But I’m very excited about what this next focus area has done for me in light of my lifelong mental perceptions.

And it’s not just the focus area alone that has shifted me.  It’s as though my whole wheel is a secret sauce for my success.  The ingredients all work together in unpredictable but deliciously magical ways.  Every time I write one of these articles, I seem to peel back another layer of insight.  While I’m in the focus week, certain effects on my life are obvious, and then when I reflect more specifically on each area after the fact, I’m amazed at how much more comes to light.

Center Focus Is the Superforce
This next focus area came up in the 1st cycle of my 13×4 Wheel™ during mid February.  When I look at what has happened due to this focus, I realize the importance of the center focus of Planning.  In fact, Planning has been a powerful foundation for all of the focus areas.  While they have all been cross-pollinating each other at some point or another along the way, my center focus has been the superforce that provides the most momentum for all of them at all times.

Undoubtedly, the Planning center focus has been in my subconscious, as well as my conscious mind.  I know this because a long time ago I realized something about myself.  When I am stressed, my tendency is to go into action mode rather than planning mode.  There have been many examples of this in my life, and this trait was even identified in a personality assessment I took back in the late 1990s.  The actions that I’m prone to take will usually center around what I know has worked for me before.  That is not a bad thing at all, but when I want to go into action, it’s usually a good idea to take a deep breath and do a little planning first.

I didn’t realize just how helpful it would be to make Planning the superforce behind my focus areas this year.  And, as you are about to see, it has it paid off… literally!

Focus Area #7

F-ocus: Money Flows In Easily

A-ttitude: What is my approach to this focus area – what do I/we want it to be?

Money is energy just like everything else.  And I am using the phrase “flows in” for this focus area because I see that money is like electricity. It’s a play on words too.  Currency and current.  Money currency flows in and electric current flows in.  Though the energy of electricity is usually invisible, I know it exists, and I know I have the means to allow it to flow in.  I don’t exactly know how electricity works, but I know that if I turn on the switch, it powers the light bulb in the ceiling above my head.  I don’t know exactly how money works.  I’m not an economist or a banker, but I know I have the means to allow it to flow in.  I think in a certain way, and it powers my needs and desires.  I choose for it to be that easy, and, therefore, it flows in easily.

S-tory: What is a story that illustrates the power of having this focus in my life?

Let me explain how making this focus area front and center for only one week brought me my best single month in business ever… And during these first few months of 2012, my earnings have already exceeded ¾ of what I made all of last year.  This unexpected result came in spite of a decreasing source of money that could have messed with my mind (and my money flow) if I’d let myself worry about it.

Last fall I was awarded an excellent project that could potentially last up to a year (and which I knew would not).  It brought in a nice monthly sum, so money was flowing in easily late last year.  However the nature of the project was such that the more successful I was in my deliverables each month, the less each subsequent month would bring in earnings. It was the classic “work yourself out a job” situation.  In February, at 4 months into the project, I was doing very well in my deliverable side, which meant that soon there would be dwindling amounts each month to come. 

The timing of having this focus area come up each day for that particular week was very important.  To be reminded that money is energy that flows in easily really helped.  After all, the project and the money from it had come to me easily in the first place.  I paused to do some number calculations and planned some useful actions.  Money that was dwindling from one project could easily be replaced or even expanded from other sources.  And, indeed, it has.  March 2012 was my best month ever financially. Even though the project was diminishing, my inflow of money actually increased.

T-ool: What is a tool I/we can use to maintain this focus area?

I added two daily recurring appointment on my calendar – one at 9:00am and one at 5:00pm.  Basically, these messages to my mind were twice-daily affirmations.  The first said “Hey there! Remember – money flows in easily.”  The second said “$ flows in easily (hurray!)”  So, the first was a reminder at the beginning of the day so that my mind would be on alert.  The second sent the message to my mind, pointing out that that money had flowed in that day and will continue to flow in (it’s phrased in the present tense rather than past tense). The second affirmation included a celebration component, which makes this focus much more fun. 


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