Fun Way To Visualize Your Future

Here’s an exercise that I teach with my colleague, Jay Markunas, in the third module of The CareerFinder™ Method program.  We developed this program to help people with their career direction and planning.  But I have found this to be a good all-around exercise for creating a personal vision.  It’s not just about your career.  It’s about what you want for your whole life – every aspect of it.

100th Birthday
Imagine it’s your 100th birthday – congratulations and happy birthday!  Your loved ones have gathered to celebrate your wonderful life.  There’s a great big cake, colorful balloons, and even silly party hats.

Have some fun describing the major accomplishments and the legacy of your life.  I encourage you to embellish and express your story in vivid details.  This has been your life lived on purpose!

Happy Birthday!Here are some questions to spur you on:

  • What have you done professionally?
  • What have you done personally?
  • Where have you traveled?
  • Where have you lived, and what has your lifestyle been like?
  • What kind of mark have you made?


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