Fashion Clothing Company, White House Black Market, Honors Breast Cancer Survivors

In May, my daughter turned 18 and started working for a clothing store called White House Black Market. She was so excited to get the job… it’s been one of her favorite places to shop for some time.

Sixth Birthday My little one, who’s all grown up now, has always loved clothes. She never really played with baby dolls. Instead, she focused all her doll energy on dressing up Barbie and friends. Once she was old enough to choose her own wardrobe, she went through a phase in which she would wear nothing but dresses. And any chance she got, she would pretend to be a princess. In fact, here she is on her 6th birthday wearing her princess tiara. No doubt about it, my kiddo likes being a girl.

Ever since she started working at White House Black Market, my daughter has shared her excitement about being able to dress up real women as a stylist… as well as mannequins in the window.

Often, she talks about how the attitude of a customer is transformed when trying on a flattering outfit, and, feeling beautiful, the customer starts to beam. She also enjoys when husbands come into the store with their wives – she can’t help but observe the way the woman appears to feel so good about herself when the instant makeover gets the husband’s rapt attention and admiring comments.

So, naturally, I already had the impression my daughter senses that her work has more meaning than “just dressing people up,” and then she sent me an email last week that convinced me she knows it has more meaning. In her note, was this video link below (7:21) and the comment, “Pretty cool video from 2010, that makes me proud to work for WH|BM and represent these wonderful survivors.”

I simply had to share it here – it’s very inspiring. And, if you haven’t noticed already, I’m pretty proud of the way my daughter’s grown up to see the real beauty beyond the external trappings.


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