Your Needs Compass – Setting Goals for your Life Journey

4 Cardinal PointsRecently, I’ve been thinking about how psychologists say we have to satisfy needs in 4 areas in order to find fulfillment and happiness:  Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical.  But instead of thinking of them as a hierarchy of graduated needs (sorta like Maslow does), I’ve come to realize that these 4 areas of needs can serve as a compass for our life journey compass.  The 4 areas make up the 4 cardinal points.

Setting Goals
Using these compass points as our guide, we can set goals in various areas of our lives.  Below I show how… specifically in the social, personal and professional areas.

Your spiritual goals don’t necessarily pertain to your religious goals, though, of course, they can. To most people what lies underneath this cardinal point is determining how they make a difference.  Some people might go so far as to tie that into their mission statement or life purpose statement.

Your emotional goals might be interpreted two ways.  You could examine where you want your relationships to be.  You could also examine your inner dialogue and feelings – meaning how you would like to “feel” about the various areas such as personal, professional and social.

Basically, your mental goals have to do with how you want to personally grow your intellect, how you want to educate your mind, how you want to increase your professional acumen and skills.  From the social perspective, analyze how your social life (such as community service volunteering, social networking experiences, etc.) enhances your skills and adds to your mental growth as well.

Naturally, your physical goals might pertain to your physical body, but we would also like to you consider the other physical aspects of your life and set goals in those areas.  Financial is one aspect you can consider.  From the professional perspective, this would be your income, of course.  From a personal perspective, would you like to have investments, retirement funds, etc.?  From a social perspective, set goals that describe how you will spend money on or raise money for social activities or how you would make donations to charities.  Do you have a long term goal to be a philanthropist?  How will you achieve this without setting goals?

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. – Jim Rohn


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